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ADDRESS:  large hall of SC Gripe Split (Osječka 11)

ORGANIZER: Dance club Lambada Split


COMPETITION RESULTS: after competition

RAISING STARTING NUMBERS:you will be notified after the published hourly rate

JUDGES: subsequently

RESULT PROCESSING:Daniel Stjepanović

MANAGER  PROGRAMS: Toni Jonjić, Ivana Leskur

TICKET: (price per day)

-DAILY TICKET -€7 per person. Children up to 7 years old do not pay admission (Ticket purchased on both days is valid for the Gala Dance Night)


  • Only registered club leaders can collect starting numbers

  • Registered from 15 - 29 competitors - up to 2 accreditations for leaders

  • Registered from 30-45 competitors - up to 3 accreditations for leaders

  • More than 45 competitors registered - up to 4 accreditations for presenters




Official photographer of the competition:

LogoCrni FB Divna fotografija.jpg

To photograph competitors (in all disciplines) you can contact the official photographer Vesna Bilman directly - 00 385 91 489 9015

Competition rules and notes:

1. In all dance disciplines of the festival, the rules which apply are the rules listed and used in the rule book of the alliance for which you are competing.

2. Please adhere to the stated minutes (visible on the website) for the duration of the music so that the competition runs smoothly without delay.

3. Music must be sent via the registration link no later than April, 27 until 18:00. Bring an usb with music on competition day.

4. Be ready to perform 30 minutes before the performance.

5. Follow the festival schedule in case there are changes that require you to perform earlier.

6. Flammable substances, fire, pyrotechnics are not allowed during the performance.

7. In case of any problem, it is necessary to immediately contact the scorer's desk and contact the organizer.

8. Approaching the judges table as well as contact with the judges is prohibited.

9. In case of injury of the competitor, immediately notify the organizer in order to provide first aid in a timely manner.

10. The club leader should collect money for registration fees from the competitors. Registration fees can be paid to the club's account (you will receive information by e-mail after registration is completed) until November 3, or bring to the premises of the Lambada Dance Club with prior notice. In case of isolation (with a doctor's certificate of isolation) we refund registration fees.


11. Upon arrival at the competition, the leader is obliged to pick up the numbers according to the official schedule of the competition.

12. If you know the number of the audience members, please raise money for tickets so as not to create unnecessary crowds. Each member of the audience gets a bracelet. The number of viewer can be registered until April 27. Tickets will also be available at the entrance.  

13. All competitors who are registered and do not appear in the competition, if they are not checked out in time, pay the registration fee.

14. All competitors dance at their own risk.

15. Prizes are diplomas for finalists, medals for the first 3 places and trophies for the winner. The competition will award a special Dalmatian Dance Trophy for the club with the most trophies won in groups, formations and productions in the largest competition, and a cash prize of € 200. The best choreographies will be included in the Gala Dance Night and cash prizes will be awarded for the first three places. The total prize money is 1500 €.

16. We ask the hosts that the submitted choreographies correspond to the dance style.

17. Please do not leave rubbish in the hall and locker rooms.

18. Be careful where you leave your things. The organizer is not responsible for lost items.

19. Parents are NOT allowed to enter the dance floor and locker rooms in order to avoid unnecessary crowds.

20. We ask all competitors to come to the competition in their dance uniforms
(if possible) in order to use the locker rooms as little as possible.


We look forward to seeing you in Split on April,29 and 30, 2023. 

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